Holidays on Lake Como - Vacanze relax Lago di Como

Lake Como

Our territory - Como Lake

The wonderful landscape of the Lario, another name of the Como Lake, has enchanted artists and travelers over the centuries: Flaubert, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Verdi and Vincenzo Bellini.

The lake gave birth to illustrious figures such as the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the pile, and precisely in Gravedona old center there is the house where Volta stayed.

Nowadays the lake continues to attract celebrities from the international jet-set, who, appreciating the beauty of the lake and the suggestive places that surround it, have decided to establish their own home.

The Lake Como, with its attractions and potential, is able to satisfy different needs, passions and interests.

From its shores you can enjoy multiple and fascinating views: charming villages, splendid villas and lush gardens await visitors in search of relaxation, fun and culture in close contact with nature.

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